"After several attempts and broken promises with so-called "landscapers that call themselves tree trimers", I found this fabulous company on Yelp. I had several giant eucalyptus trees, with some showing root damage and another one that had fallen over... I felt the best move was to remove them all and to avoid the upcoming weather, that can potentially damage my house or my neighbors."

"I had 4 different quotes from 4 different companies to have these trees cut. Prices were quoted from $2000 to $3000 each. At this point, the money wasn't the issue... The question was who can get it done today without the BS or skepticism? Everyone brought their notepads and talked about they needed to go the office to write up an estimate. Along comes Golden Oak Tree Service, Alex presented himself, looked over the trees and quotes 1/2 the price to some of these other guys!!! I was dumbfounded and hired him on the spot!! Not to mention they are licensed and he was able to pull up their insurance policy right there on his phone. He was very knowledgeable and polite. Alex, with his ambitious attitude, assured me that he can start same day and he will be able to send me an invoice later. At 9am we wrapped up our meeting, agreed on the price and at 4pm we had the chippers and chainsaws at my house."

"The guys showed up and went straight to work, for two days straight, cleaned up after themselves and all. Not only that- they were such gentlemen!! My wife came home with our kids and was unloading groceries from the car. One of the guys stopped what he was doing and helped her carry in the groceries!!!! THEN they also cut some chucks of wood I had laying around into slabs so I could use them for crafts!!! I super highly recommend these guys!!!! I'll definitely hire them again. Great great service."

"Dont fall victim to the guys that claim to be tree trimmers, that are painters during the week and landscapers on the weekend... Hire a professional company that gets it done, and does it right!!"

-Saedi F.

"I met Alex thru a Friend word was he was the best Masonry Around so me as a business guy I had to try him out !!! Put to the test !!! Let m tell you
He's on time
He's fast
He's professional
Does and says what he does he's going to do had to let go my old Contrator goo since he was always hard to reach and now we wrk together in landscaping concrete jobs when ever I removed trees and need to remove them big roots under side walks etc ...
thanks Alex for the great work #teamwork
Don't hesitate to call"

-Jose C.

"Responsive, personable, great attitude!

Needed to remove a dead eucalyptus, and clean up diff. Alejandro and his crew are going above and beyond what's necessary. Hope to use these guys for more work!"

-Lester R.

"If I could give them 10 Stars I would!! I was very pleased with the service they provided it was phenomenal!!! Ask for Alejandro he's a young man with a great attitude and will provide you with the best quotes in town!!"

-Joseph H.

"These two rainy days caused one of my eucalyptus trees to fall over and block my driveway. I called Alejandro and he was here within 30 minutes. A few hours later his crew had already cut up the whole tree and hauled everything away and at a great price. They work very fast, efficient, and professional. 10 stars to these guys if I could."

-Christian S.

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