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Should I Cut My Tree Down?

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Tree Removal | 0 comments

When do you know that a tree needs to be removed? Well, it’s not always that obvious. If the tree is completely dead it should be cut down for safety and hazard reasons. If not, limbs and branches can start falling away and cause sudden branch drop or damage to your property. The entire tree could also fall endangering your property, pets, or even people.

But what about trees that you’re not quite sure if they are dead yet? A damaged or partially dead tree can also be a hazard. Sometimes they can recover but not always. Let’s consider some of the issues that may be of concern.

How much will it cost to treat the existing tree?

A cost analysis on a tree that might be dying is difficult to assess. It usually depends on what the replacement might be. A small seedling may only cost you less than $10 but of course, you’ll have to wait till it grows. A larger tree could cost upwards of $1000 or more depending on the species.

Some diseases may be treated with simple water and nutrients, while others may be more costly and require months if not years of treatment before they are effective. It’s always best to get a professional tree analysis to assess the damage of the tree to find out if the tree is savable or not.

How close the tree is to living spaces.

How much of a hazard does this tree pose to people, property, or pets? Does it threaten sidewalks, roads, or your backyard? Is it close to the house or leaning towards a building? Did you know that upwards of 150 people a year are killed by falling trees or limbs? So it’s not something you want to mess around with.

Don’t ignore the problem.

Your neighbors might think, “oh, just throw some fertilizer on it and it’ll be good.” But that’s not always the case. The truth is that there are thousands of tree species and putting the right fertilizer might do more damage than good.

Honestly, replacing the tree is usually the best option. If you are unsure that the tree is dead or dying give us a call. We can assess the damage or potential damage and offer a quote on removing either the limbs or the tree itself.